Canister Vacuums

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Why use a canister vacuum?

If your home has mostly hard flooring, the canister vacuum is easier to move from room-to-room, and the stretch hose and attachments let you get right up against edges and under tight furniture. Specialty cleaning tools store right on board so you can reach every step of your staircase, plus easily clean drapes, upholstery, ceiling fans, and more. Canister vacuums also tend to be slightly more quiet than upright vacuums. Royal canisters are packed with power for exceptional cleaning, and offer an array of convenient features, all designed to make life easier and keep your home looking cleaner. Whether you have bare floors or wall to wall carpeting, these canisters can clean it all.

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  1. S18 Lexon Series Canister
  2. S15 Lexon Series Canster - Right

    S15 Lexon Series Canster

    Lightweight - Weighs only 9.8 lbs!

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  3. S10 Lexon Series Canister - Right

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